A technical project deserves a technical expert

Customized in knowledge and capacity

Stratt+ is a specialist in the field of technical projects in implementing technical experts in the middle and higher segment.

We are specialised in temporary and long term projects, however we also provide services for technical jobs offering permanent employment. Over the years we have developed the necessary experience in matching the required technical experts with new developments, maintenance and shutdowns in the industrial sector and for (the technical part of) the government.

Meet our team

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Announcement COVID-19: You can count on our expertise, quality and commitment even during these COVID-19 times. We’re here for you and it’s business as usual. We uphold the COVID-19 regulations.

A brief selection of our clients

We have activities in:

+ Oil and gas
+ (Petro)chemistry
+ Food processing
+ Medical industry
+ Power & utilities
+ Offshore/maritime

+ Civil engineering
+ Tank storage
+ Aerospace
+ Infrastructure technology
+ Area development

Types of clients:

+ Plant owners
+ Contractors
+ Governmental organisations
+ Engineering agencies

We look forward to getting in touch