We are active in the industrial sector and its suppliers

Stratt+ is mainly known for its Industrial support. Besides this, we have divisions related to safety, environment and aerospace support services.

In the Safety division, Stratt+ focusses on guarding the awareness of several health, safety and environmental issues (HSEQ). Our professionals within this division are HSE Officers and HSE Experts, who for example guide certification processes, rewrite safety procedures and execute risk assessments.

The division Aerospace is a very specific part of Stratt+. In this division our staff is active in airplane and helicopter maintenance, both for military and civil organizations. Some of our clients are the Royal Dutch Air force and Martinair. Certification required for working in aerospace are amongst others Part-66 AML and A, B1, B2 or C licenses, which indicates what activities a candidate is allowed to carry out.

These four divisions combined make Stratt+ Industrial Management your partner in bespoke technical staff solutions. Whether it’s about supervisors, foremen, planners, project managers or engineers. Stratt+ makes it happen!

Our divisions:

+ Industrial support
+ Safety support
+ Aerospace support
+ Technical documentation



Stratt+ is active in a variety of industrial activities, such as greenfield projects, maintenance and shutdowns of industrial installations. Our dedicated technical staff has all the necessary knowledge and experience to make these processes work as smoothly as possible. Are you in need for a specialized team in your industrial project? Let us know!


Complex projects are often under time pressure and certain risks are involved. We are able to quickly detect risks, due to our knowledge and experience. Our employees can support you with risk assessment and evaluation, something we are well known for. Do you need help preparing certifications? We get you the specific knowledge and staff you need.


We are specialized in preparing and producing Technical Documentation, ILS-Management and RAM-engineering. According to CE-guidelines we deliver detailed user manuals and process descriptions, as well as training and seminar materials. With an experienced team of technical authors, designers and engineers, we unburden your organization.


Stratt+ has a higly skilled team, specialized in airplane and helicopter maintenance. Our employees are in the possession of a Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance licenses with Part-66 Aircraft Type Ratings. They provide clients with A, B1, B2 and C support in all common maintenance and overhaul activities. We are active in both military as in civil aviation.

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Technical administrative assistant

Planner Rotating

HSEQ Officer


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