Stratt+ Industrial supports various organizations in the industrial field, ranging from asset owners to contractors. We have over 45 years of experience providing technical capacity, project management and consultancy.


Stratt+ employs technical professionals for both projects and temporary capacity assignments. We offer tailor-made solutions for structural issues.

Project Management

Ranging from long-term projects to temporary assignments, we take care of all elements of Project Management.


Our employees are up-to-date with the latest developments in technical standards. This enables us to provide reliable support.

”We always strive for the best solutions for our partners.”

Eline Veltman, Recruitment Consultant at Stratt+

Why choose us?

Stratt+ Industrial is an involved partner for various technical projects. We think along with our partners and deliver specific solutions to their issues. You will find this mentality in all our employees. They are proactive team players who will seamlessly integrate into your organization.

Some of our clients

We work together with various organizations throughout the Netherlands. Below you will find three project examples.

We have been working with ExxonMobil for a long time, in various projects such as the turnaround and the RAHC project. Here we have provided capacity for supervision and work preparation. This work involved:

+ Project management
+ Technical maintenance

For HMT Tanksystems we have fulfilled various core positions within the organisation. These included Engineers, Supervisors and Project Managers, some of our activities included:

+ Capacity
+ Project management
+ Logistical support

EPZ has been a good partner for a long time. For EPZ we have employees working on work preparation and projects. The services provided concerned:

+ Support for project organisation 
+ Capacity
+ ILS support

Who do we work for?

Plants/ Owners



Engineering firms

Plants/ Owners



Engineering- firms


In order to achieve goals in a pragmatic way, all steps must be clear in advance. However, the route to the final goal may change during the process. Therefore it’s always important to remain flexible. Flexibility gets a central position in every project we execute.

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No single project is the same. That’s why we deliver custom made solutions to our clients.

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