First of all we have three simple questions for you…

  1. Are you an aviation engineer?
  2. Do you have maintenance experience in Chinooks, Cougars, Apaches or other types of aircrafts?
  3. Are you ready to boost your career?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then we would like to get in touch with you!

A strong collaboration

Stratt+ is a leading recruitment company in The Netherlands. We focus on three specific divisions. One of them is the division Aerospace Management. Since the beginning of this decade we have built a strong relationship with The Royal Dutch Airforce. Our stable supply of qualified technicians resulted in the signing of a preferred supplier contract in 2011. Since then, we gained vast experience in placing Brits and other foreign technicians at four Royal Dutch Airforce bases in The Netherlands.

The Royal Dutch Air Force is characterized by a modern, high-tech armed forces that contribute to peace and security on a global level. Employees meet the highest qualifications and are thoroughly screened. Stratt+ is always looking for technicians that could contribute to the competitive advantage of The Royal Dutch Air Force. Are you ready for an international adventure with excellent financial rewards and additional benefits? Get in touch! This could be the opportunity to boost your career!

Who are we looking for?

+  B1.1 specialist technician F-16
+  B1.3 specialist technician NH-90
+  B1.3 specialist technician Apache
+  B1.3 specialist technician Cougar
+  B1.3 specialist technician Chinook

+  B2 specialist technician NH-90
+  B2 specialist technician F-16
+  B2 specialist technician Cougar
+  B2 specialist technician Apache
+  B2 specialist technician Chinook

What are you going to do?

+  Maintenance tasks
+  Testing tasks
+  Replacing components
+  Work in Volkel, Gilze-Rijen, Woensdrecht or Den Helder

What do you get in return?

+  Competitive Salary
+  Great fringe benefits
+  Long term projects (at least 1 year)
+  Great working environment