Technical secondment since 1976

Every technical project requires a custom solution

Stratt+ is more than a technical secondment agency; since 1976, we have been the driving force behind numerous projects in both the private sector and for the Dutch government. Whether it involves new construction, maintenance, or the shutdown of an industrial installation, we provide the necessary technical expertise.

Our specialisation? We thrive in creating the perfect match between companies and highly skilled (freelance) specialists, ranging from foremen to plant managers. This applies to short-term assignments, long-term projects, and various recruitment constructions. Through these efforts, we consistently deliver added value in the field of engineering and technology for clients in the Netherlands and beyond.

A selection of our clients

Sectors we are active in:

+ Oil & gas
+ (Petro)chemistry
+ Food & pharma
+ Power & utilities
+ Maritime & offshore

+ Civil engineering
+ Tank storage
+ Aerospace
+ Infrastructure technology
+ Construction

Types of clients:

+ Asset owners
+ Contractors
+ Service providers
+ Engineering agencies
+ Governmental organisations

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