Strategic, Tactical and the + as added value


Stratt+ has been providing professionals, project management and advice to industry and government for over 45 years. We operate within various industries, as well as within the Ministry of Defense and other governmental departments. Amongst others in spatial planning and management thereof.
We offer knowledge and capacity for various project phases in the mid and upper segments: from feasibility/realization to completion/maintenance.

With Stratt+, people are key. This applies to you as our client, as well as to our mostly technical schooled employees.


Our area of operation is throughout the Netherlands and beyond. The majority of our projects are located in the Rotterdam/Botlek/Maasvlakte area, the provinces Noord-Brabant and Zeeland, the Northern region of the Netherlands and Antwerp, Belgium.
Due to favorable conditions for international businesses, many of our customers are located in these regions.

In addition to our head office in Zwijndrecht, located in the Rotterdam region, we have offices in Zeeland, located in the Southern part of the Netherlands, and in the Northern region of the Netherlands. This enables us to provide even better tailor-made solutions to companies in these areas.


Already for many years the Stratt+ name is well-known in the market. However, many may remember us by the name Delta Consult or SKF Asset Management. In 2011 we acquired this division of the Swedish multinational and integrated it into Stratt+.

The name “Stratt+” is a combination of “Strategy” and “Tactics”. In which the “+” stands for the added value we want to provide our customers and employees with. This added value lies in the passionate team, commited to deliver tailor-made solutions for our clients on a daily bases, as well as in our business formula.

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