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Throughout the years, Stratt+ has been known by different names. Many will (probably) remember us by the name SKF, or even from the originally in Zeeland based Delta Consult. Since 1976, we are directly and indirectly present in the industrial field and for the government. In 2011 we officially became known as Stratt+.

The name Stratt+ stands for a combination of strategic and tactic. The + in our logo symbolizes the added value represented by our driven team that always strives for excellent results. We do so for clients in the Benelux such as ExxonMobil, SPIE and Shell.

Many of our projects take place near the Rotterdam Mainport Area. Several multinationals are based here because of its excellent location for international transport. The industrial sector is always developing and has in recent years extended to the north and to the east. Because of these developments, Stratt+ has opened an office in the city of Emmen, which is located in the Northern part of the Netherlands. As a result, we are able to deliver even better service to industrial clients who are based over there.

Our services

+ Capacity
+ Projectmanagement
+ Consultancy

What about the chameleon?

It represents our flexibility to work in several branches. When you take a look at its details, you will see all kinds of industrial elements represented in this unique illustration. Are you able to discover them all?

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