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What we do for our clients

Stratt+ provides capacity within the middle and higher segment of the technical industry, both for organisations and (the technical part of) the government.

We provide knowledge and technical capacity for your project. In addition to your core employees, you need a flexible layer: reliable, technically trained, and experienced professionals who support you in your projects. Professionals from the middle and higher segment, who have no problem working independently and need little to no guidance or supervision. In short: technical specialists who can be deployed ‘plug and play’. We will find you the technical advisor, manager or contractor who will make your projects a success.

Thanks to our many years of experience (we have been active since 1976), we second technical personnel in a way that perfectly matches your needs. We understand what is involved in technical projects. As a result, we know how to bind people to your project that match your work culture and methods.

We work together with various clients. These include, for example, plant owners, contractors, consultancy and engineering firms, the government, and government-affiliated agencies.

+ Oil and gas
+ (Petro)chemistry
+ Food and Pharma
+ Power and utilities
+ Offshore/maritime
+ Construction

+ Civil engineering
+ Tank construction
+ Aerospace
+ Infrastructure technology
+ Government
+ Real estate

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We work in two divisions:


Improving processes regarding construction, maintenance, and shutdowns of industrial installations


Supporting both military and civil aviation in aircraft and helicopter maintenance.

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