Within our team of specialists, we regularly have room for PART 66 B1.1 Engineers experienced with the F-16. Within this challenging job, you run projects at top companies in the Netherlands. In short you are responsible for: the management of airplane maintenance and the processing of administration systems.

Within our team of specialists, we regularly have room for PART 66 B1.3 Engineers with authority to Apache AH-64, Chinook CH-47 and the Cougar AS-532. In this position you will carry out projects at top companies in The Netherlands.

Within our team of specialists we regularly have room for serveral prospective Ground Engineers who are in the possession of a PART 66 AML licence. Within this function, you run projects at top companies in the Netherlands. Interested in this lasting opportunity? Read the full vacancy text by clicking the button.

You are ultimately responsible when it comes to all construction-related work. During the projects, you combine your excellent technical insight with your organizational skills. As a Construction Manager, you maintain close contact with both internal and external parties.

As a Mechanical Engineer, you invent products, processes and systems which you then design, analyze and improve. This specifically concerns dynamic objects and systems, such as drive technologies, control systems and thermodynamic installations.

As an Engineer E&I, you are involved in various projects. For example, new construction, renovation or conversion of existing installations. And this can be in both low and high voltage areas in accordance with NEN-3140 or NEN-3840 rules/standards.

Delivering quality, by means of keeping the day-to-day work on the right track, is a natural for you. Because you are a real all-rounder, it makes no difference to you whether this is during a maintenance stop or a new construction or modification project.

For a company in the industry we are looking for an experienced Foreman Mechanical Engineering. Your main task is to manage a variety of projects. You can think, among others, of maintenance stops.

You are the industrially competent link that manages and coordinates a group of up to 12 Electricians. You supervise the progress and quality of the work, because you want to deliver a strong piece of work.

As Lead Engineer E&I, you are involved in various projects and manage a team consisting of engineers and designers. For example, you are involved in projects such as new construction, renovation or upgrade of existing installations, which can be in both low and high voltage areas according to NEN-3140 or NEN-3840 rules/standards.

For a company in the industry we are looking for an experienced Maintenance Manager. You will ensure that the continuity and overall quality of the available assets are safeguarded.

You are the proactive pivot that ensures smooth planning. You are good at managing fellow Planners and cooperate with stakeholders. Because of your skills, the project runs on time and those involved know exactly where they stand.

A large-scale turnaround? A new construction project? You know how to manage your projects successfully. With your innovative orientation, you make an important contribution to the development of the vision and strategy. With your keen sense of purpose, you will achieve your objectives based on the annual plan.

You are a great procurement specialist. You also carry out the outsourcing within the project exceptionally well, according to plan and purchasing conditions. You have an eye for new products or services that are a perfect match for your project and the company.

As a Mechanical Engineering Supervisor you act mostly in the Botlek region on new construction, renovation or conversion projects. Here you directly manage the foremen and indirectly the welders, fitters and mechanics.

As QA/QC Inspector, you are responsible for quality control and warranty. You have an eye for detail and know which standards need to be met. For example, you may be checking various welds on a new or to-be-replaced pipeline and then prepare the corresponding documentation.

As HSEQ Manager, you translate policy into practice. You strive for the highest achievable quality and also look at sustainability, safety and the environment. In addition to your qualitative skills, you are very capable of managing and communicating this to the parties involved in the adequate way.


Ruimtelijk Management
Eline Veltman
+31 (0)78 – 6 120 320
Aerospace Management
Mitchel van Baar
+31 (0)78 – 6 120 320
Industrial Management
Dina Al-Rawaf
+31 (0)78 – 6 120 320

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