In this challenging role you optimize the operational management of a storage and logistics service provider. You ensure that it is safe, ready for the energy transition, and that it continues to meet legal requirements.

In this position you perform mechanical maintenance on various (combat) aircrafts. You have several years of experience working on aircrafts, including the F-16. In addition, you are stress resistant and willing to work in shifts.

You are responsible for the mechanical maintenance (line and base) on different types of helicopters. You will have the opportunity to work with Apaches, Chinooks, and Cougars. You ensure that these helicopters are continuously operational.

In this position you perform mechanical and electrical maintenance on both (combat) aircrafts and helicopters. You deliver high-quality work and thus ensure the safe and reliable operation of these aircrafts.

You combine excellent technical insight with leadership qualities. You ensure that the work during (industrial) construction projects runs smoothly. In addition, you also play the role of intermediary between the client and executing parties.

In this multifaceted position, you design, analyse, and improve various dynamic objects and systems, such as drive technologies, control systems, and thermodynamic installations. For this position it is important that you possess excellent problem-solving skills.

You perform electrical work on new constructions or work on the renovation or conversion of existing ones. You have experience with both low and high voltage work in accordance with NEN-3140 and NEN-3840 standards.

Delivering quality is second nature to you, whether it concerns a maintenance shutdown or a new construction or modification project. You are a true all-rounder and therefore know what is needed in every (technical) situation.

Are you an experienced foreman willing to work for a reputable company in the industry? In this role you manage various projects, including maintenance shutdowns. You are the go-to person for everything concerning mechanical engineering.

In this position you manage a team of at least twelve electricians. You coordinate the electrical work and ensure that your team delivers high-quality work. You also guarantee the timely completion of projects.

You manage a team of engineers and designers during various projects including new constructions, renovations or upgrades of existing installations, both in low and high voltage areas and according to NEN-3140 or NEN-3840 standards.

We are looking for an experienced and ambitious manager for a renowned player in the industry. In this position you guarantee the continuity and overall quality of the available assets within the organisation.

You ensure efficient planning at all times and are capable of managing fellow planners and working together with other stakeholders. Thanks to you, projects run smoothly and those involved know exactly where they stand.

A large-scale turnaround? A new construction project? You know how to manage your projects successfully. You are innovative and have a sharp eye which allow you to achieve objectives based on the annual plan.

You are a true procurement specialist, whether it concerns outsourcing or finding new products and services that fit your projects and the company. In addition, you are business-oriented and like to work in a team.

In this dynamic position you will mainly work in the Botlek region, on various construction, conversion, and renovation projects. You are directly responsible for the foremen and you also indirectly manage welders, fitters, and mechanics.

You are responsible for quality checks and warranty. You have an eye for detail and know which standards must be met. During you work day you check the work performed and prepare the corresponding documentation.

You always strive for the highest quality, while also keeping an eye on sustainability, safety, and the environment. You are also perfectly capable of making your colleagues aware of the importance of working safely.


Ruimtelijk Management
Eline Veltman
+31 (0)78 – 6 120 320
Aerospace Management
Mitchel van Baar
+31 (0)78 – 6 120 320
Industrial Management
Dina Al-Rawaf
+31 (0)78 – 6 120 320

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