HSEQ Officer

JobHSEQ Officer
LocationRefinery Vlissingen


ENGIE is a multidisciplinary company with expertise in all facets of maintenance and greenfield projects of industrial environments.

The department of this project is the piping group. They take care of designing, measuring and building new piping systems. The executive activities are mainly welding and grinding work.


Because work is mainly done in a factory where flammable liquids and gasses are produced, the welding and grinding activities are very risky.

The Stratt+ HSEQ Officer has a broad experience in petrochemistry and the corresponding specific control measures. He was therefore capable of informing project management about all details and to coach the executives in working with the applicable procedures.


The goal is to supply necessary information to the project organisation of ENGIE, so work can be done safely.

Activities consisted of writing a HSEQ-plan, taking care of toolboxes, coaching employees in the field, controlling and directing safety procedures and attending safety meetings.


This project turned out to be a success, thanks in part to our HSEQ Officer. Both parties are pleased with the obtained results.


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